Kemah SP-415 - History

Kemah SP-415 - History

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A former name retained.

(SP-415: t. 300; 1. 146' ; b. 21'; dr. 9'; s. 13 k.; a. 2 3")

Kemah (SP-415), a motor yacht, was built by Luders Marine Construction Co., Stamford, Conn., in 1917 to 1918 and acquired while under construction from her owner F. E. Lewis 11, of New York City, 7 October 1917. Brought to the Navy Yard, New York in April 1918, Kemah commissioned 16 July, Lt. L. Rand, USNRF, in command.

Originally assigned to the 6th Naval District at Charleston, she was transferred upon commissioning to the 3d Naval District, New York, for the period of her service. Restricted to protected waters, Kemah served as a guard ship on coastal waters of New York Harbor. She continued her patrol duty until 3 September 1919 when she was withdrawn from active duty. Kemah decommissioned 18 September and was sold 22 September 1920 to R. T. Robinson of San Diego.

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